A Few Winter Gardening Tips

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Chilly temperatures means that fall and winter is on its way and for some plants in the flower garden this means extra protection a light sheet and mulch for a dome cover will also help.

Important is to water correctly as even freezing temperatures can dry out the soil.

Because plants develop roots for spring, fall is a great time for planting.

So what do you need to do, well a great place to start is to divide overgrown perennials and cut back any dead foliage and roots from the garden, composting it if it's disease-free. Bag and throw in the bin any infected or pest ridden waste.

Leave any healthy perennials, sunflowers or grasses, which provide habitat for beneficial insects, food for birds and beauty for winter gardens. Anything with seeds are good food for hungry birds in winter which will reseed for next spring.

If you have noticed your plants struggling in severe winter temperatures either bring the pots inside, under cover or put them together in a sheltered spot in the garden away from the wind. Mulch the bottoms and tops as well as wrap pots with fabric, newspaper or straw or burlap. Bulbs and perennials need protection also.

Fall is a great time for planting trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs. Simply make sure you get them in the ground before the soil gets too cold so the roots have time to become established.

Hostas, peonies and early bloomers such as coral bells, phlox, poppies, and daisies benefit from being thinned out.

Now is the time to use your organic matter in your vegetable garden to enrich the soil.

The flowers from bulbs are a sight to behold, especially when there is a full bed of daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses and tulips. Choose colors you enjoy and plant in swathes or groups. I remember my Mum had daffodils and jonquils planted under the hedge and were able to be mowed over in the summer. Just loved the perfume of heady flowers.

We now live in Australia where it is too hot to have these bulbs perform very well, especially in Queensland. Cold weather has its advantages, (sometimes)

When buying bulbs check to see that they are all hard and healthy and choose the largest.

Enjoy the different seasons and the variety of flowers and garden changes they bring.

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