Flowers Bring Garden Art And Beauty All Year Around.

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I just love, love, love  flowers... either indoors, in the garden or a nursery, or seeing what people get up to using gardening decor gardening equipment tools to create their own perfect paradise.

It never ceases to amaze me that a flower bud will seemingly come from nowhere, form into a flower, exactly the same as the species are supposed to be and also in lots of cases have a beautiful perfume: where does that come from? 

Even trees have a majestic beauty, different shades of green, formation of leaves and habitat. I love how they blow in the breeze and clap their hands to their creator.

Sometimes we need to stop and admire the beauty around us in this somewhat ugly world, making the most of the outdoor garden decorations creative garden products to beautify our area around us, slow down and if possible just sit a while and enjoy the different colors and shapes these flowers, bushes and trees give to us in sometimes their short time of flowering.

My favorite smells in flowers are the rich heady ones, frangipani in the summer, roses any time of the year, daffodils and jonquils in winter and not forgetting all the lilies with different aromas and beautiful light'n'shade visuals, wisteria (see photo of my sweet cousin), honeysuckle, jasmine etc rambling over fences, arches or garden planters each with a different color and smell.   

Having said all of that I realize that not everyone enjoys gardening, or can have an urban garden living in an apartment, but still love it when presented with a bunch of flowers for that birthday or special occasion. I have my last bunch of birthday flowers on my phone, so can still see them every day even though they are long gone. The markets (if you can get to one) are the best place to purchase fresh flowers if possible, as usually the sellers will make up a bunch of different blooms which are of course freshly picked, lasting longer than store bought ones.

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