Enjoyable Gardening Tips For The More Mature Gardener

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The thrill of gardening is all about creating the future

Re-doing a part of the garden that is well past it's use-by date is just that, creating the future or an exercise in anticipation.

That's what it's all about whatever age you may be!

After a long stint in the garden, say three or four hours of digging and weeding, a hot bath (or cold shower depending on the time of year!) a comfortable chair and a couple of aspirin have lots of appeal but surely one has still got a good few years of working in one's urban garden still to come. This knowledge comes from one mature-age gardener who fits that criteria exactly.

The joy of gardening never disappears no matter what age you are

If you have enjoyed a lifetime of good health and vigorous physical activity, you should continue doing things in a way that suits you, love your outdoor garden but stick to sensible safety procedures and guidelines:- ie the amount of physical exertion one needs each week depends on one's age and health level

Some activity is always better for your health than none at all. You should be active every day in as many ways as possible.The recommended types of physical activity to stay healthy are aerobic and muscle strengthening exercises as well as some garden know how 

What counts as as moderate intensity is that which is working hard enough to raise the heart rate and break into a sweat.
Here are a few examples that require moderate effort :-

  • walking fast
  • riding a bike on level ground (or with few hills)
  • ballroom and line dancing
  • doing water aerobics
  • playing doubles tennis
  • pushing a lawn mower
  • volleyball

Don't forget to check out the great range of tools, equipment and aids that are now available from garden suppliers and online marketers. You may be surprised at what's on sale today!

Working in an outdoor garden is so beneficial for the not so young because it provides these built-in benefits.....

  • a really enjoyable form of exercise
  • increased physical activity helps mobility and flexibility
  • encourages use of all motor skills
  • improves strength and endurance
  • helps to prevent osteoporosis
  • reduces stress levels promoting relaxation
  • provides stimulation and an interest in nature
  • improves well-being and social interaction can produce nutritious home grown produce as an added bonus!

Whether it be a cottage or formal garden, a modern or even a rooftop garden in an apartment complex all gardens provide a sense of satisfaction and achievement. But for active gardeners who love to nurture plants and work the soil, the decision to scale back the garden can be difficult, letting go of garden beds that are full of memories as well as flowers.

Advancing age will have many wondering what happens when the limbs are too weak or arthritic for these tasks so all the more important to keep up a level of fitness and good health.

No matter the age of the gardener, gardening is so rewarding.

In fact the joys of gardening last a lifetime! 

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