Growing Potatoes In A Bag.

Posted by Ian & Huia Moffat on

Do you remember your father having rows of potatoes growing in the huge garden out back? Mounding the soil up and over them until they were ready to harvest, and then digging them up. But weren't they special to eat, so new with skins that fell off when scraped with a knife?!

I was always fascinated with all the growing, all the garden equipment and garden tools he had (kept real clean, sharpened and oiled), wondering how he knew what to do to get vegetables ready for eating.

Having excellent soil there was no end to the weeds, which we kids had to help eradicate.

Every weekend saw him in his beloved garden, but now it is possible to grow potatoes in a bag, without all of that constant work, keeping plants free from bugs which invade the ground.

This style of growing potatoes are excellent for organic gardening, older people who cannot dig, easy low maintenance for an urban garden. Who would have thought of growing a big bag of potatoes on a balcony, possibly overlooking the water in the city.

I hope you are willing to try to bring some of the 'old ways' using some of the modern garden accessories back into your life with a new twist.


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