How Can I Jazz Up My Balcony?

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Have You Asked This Irksome Question?

Here are a few thoughts to give a fresh look!

For a great outdoor garden decor look - grow plants in pots or garden planters creating the shape of your area to be dressed up.

Remodel A Tree?

  • A fabulous outdoor garden can be achieved out of rustic timber using the wood from a pallet which can be bought cheaply or sometimes free, a split log, or let your imagination run away and take a walk through the bush and find some interesting branches
  • Wire or bracket the branches or logs together into the shape desired and stand on some sturdy logs to keep elevated.
  • Cover the inside with thick plastic, fill with soil and plant straight in, but of course there are no drainage holes, unless you make some, so do not over water or else put your pots inside the planter.
  • Here you can use cheaper plastic pots as they are not on display, your call whether you use saucers underneath.
  • This will create a wonderful sight if filled with the same flower, either the same color or varied, especially if it is a variety that will hang over the sides, but to create that voomp it needs to be full.

Would You Recycle That?

In recent times there has been an incredible resurgence in recycling

People are recycling their old stuff instead of throwing out their old junk.

Just a little imagination and adaptation to transform an old bike or wooden chair into some sort of work of art - as a plant holder? or display stand and away you go!                                     

If that isn't what you are about, garden containers in a cluster of pots look great.

Before you begin, have a think what you want to create, ie do you have a color in mind for plants? same color pots? same size or various sizes in the same shape and color? or a few colors that compliment each other.


If there is a lot of sunlight on the balcony the pots will need watering most days, so choose reasonable sized containers and have a saucer underneath and try not to dribble over the saucer as it will stain the balcony.

There are little feet you can purchase to keep the pot elevated to stop this if it will be a problem with the pot constantly sitting in one place.

Oh Hang It!

Hanging baskets or garden wall decor can be another answer to having pretty flowers or edible food, such as strawberries, or herbs growing on the balcony, but here you will have water running out of the baskets and they need watering more often than pots

Wall planters or a vertical garden, or even planter bags for potatoes are other garden planters that are available and affordable.

Planting in the pockets of any or all of the above mentioned, with herbs, veges or flowers all growing together could look fabulous and a great thing with this is that you can take everything with you if you are renting and need to move on.

Beginners Are Welcome!

If you are new to garden design ask at the nursery what type of plants would be suitable for your needs, but just start and have fun. We all have plants that sometimes just die but try again and keep them watered.

I have attached a few photos, some ideas could be altered to suit a balcony, but thought they were just great ideas to include.

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