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Ian and I are passionate about gardening which encouraged us to create this Shopify Store retailing all things pertaining to the garden and providing outdoor garden decor. 

At the time of writing this our summer garden here in Queensland, Australia is doing it's best with the heat and sun and us trying to keep water up to it, but we do get summer storms which can dump a few inches of rain in no time, sometimes not all that wonderful for the garden.

We have some lovely corn growing, in the vegetable garden, about a meter high and beans coming on, as well as tomatoes, the usual radishes and carrots which have been sown together.  Cucumbers are doing well in an elevated bowl, to prevent them from galloping all over the lawn. Also our pride at the moment is a couple of passion fruit, on back and side fence, one which is going crazy and looks so lush and green, just hope the fruit is as good. 

My contribution is a flower garden, which I just love. In the shade house at the side of the house are about 70 plus bromeliads, more every year when split, several types of orchids and lots of leafy shade house plants. Lots of plants in pots and also flowers in the back fence garden and many garden planters 

Just a quick run down on us and why we are keen to see everybody using the outdoors and growing something. So many people say that they kill all plants, but just start with one, water and look after it as you would a pet, you may find you love seeing things grow and looking healthy and strong. 

Thanks for reading, and happy growing,  Huia x 

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