Make Gardening An Enjoyable Pastime

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"Anyone Who Wants To Rule The World Should Try To Rule A Garden First" 

Author Unknown  

Garden art  means different things to everyone, whether it is a few pots on a balcony, a medium sized garden in a suburban yard or having acreage for growing flowers or vegetables to create an income.

Once you have learned the difference between weeds and a young plant starting to grow, it is an activity that suits people of all ages and environments.

A weed can have a pretty flower, such as this dandelion, but it is still a pest in the garden.



Bring In The Greenery!

If you are a city dweller often there is a little plot in apartment buildings on the ground floor, so why not capture it for your own if no-one else is interested in it.

Create a  flower garden for everyone to enjoy, herbs for general use, or even venture into a small vegetable garden, which can be consumed by the other residents.

In Brisbane, Qld, where we live, the council has made a garden in a popular walkway under a bridge in the city, full of different herbs for anyone to pick on their way home.

  • Having a garden in pots requires regular watering, especially if they are in the hot sun on a concrete balcony.
  • Using cinder blocks, in the garden will keep it neat and simple.
  • These blocks will edge or separate a large garden and you can also plant in the holes, flowers, strawberries, etc.
  • Large water bottles are a great way to deep water around trees or any plants, by poking a couple of small holes in the bottom of the bottle, cutting off the neck and burying it in the ground, fill with water and let it just filter through and no evaporation.

Just Hangin Around!

Having a vertical garden is another wonderful idea, with garden wall decor or just the convenience of growing herbs or strawberries on a sunny balcony or likewise beautiful flowers. 

Another nifty idea in gardening, is to put a whole raw egg, intact in the shell into the pot when re-potting or putting a new plant into a decorator pot from a plastic one, the egg will decompose over time acting as a natural fertilizer.

We throw our egg shells into the compost so it would make good sense to plant a whole egg.                                          

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