Nowhere In Nature Can You Find Purer Color Than Sunlight Passing Through The Petals Of A Flower

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This is about how you can learn to color coordinate your garden. The most effective way to have a garden full of color is with flowers, of course, and of many and varied colors. But there's more to it than that, what about the foliage and the garden accessories, the furniture and the surrounds and buildings? When you garden with colors that blend or have contrasting hues you can be assured that your garden will be pleasing to the eye of the beholder!

Colors like greens and blues can be soothing and create a peaceful haven, while bright colors add excitement to a garden. Pastel colors however will give your garden a whimsical look and feel while the primary colors tend to make a bold statement. Some flowers even have their own variegated color scheme like red and yellow tulips

The color scheme you choose in your garden is entirely your choice, but it is important to have a plan, and even if you planted a lot of different flowers the colors should be well planned. As an example, red white and blue flowers would be perfect as a patriotic statement, whereas an all-white theme would be cool and elegant

Of course we all love a visually appealing garden but will this appeal remain as colorful throughout the year? There are a few thoughts about how this can be achieved and maintained as the color intensity changes with the seasons. Clever planning will help overcome these seasonal changes

When you are planning this colorful garden, the size of your garden, how you use it and how much time you spend gardening are all factors to consider. Try using a color wheel as a handy tool when choosing colors and how you will use flowers, furniture and garden accessories to all blend in together and keep the color flowing in the garden whatever the season

When planning your color coordinated garden for the upcoming season remain conscious of any colors in the surrounding area, such as buildings, hardscape, garden furniture and accessories. Choose complementary colors that will not clash with the house color

Garden accessories that can add interest as well as color to your garden could include sundials, bird baths and fountains. Garden art such as stepping stones, statuary and outdoor terracotta planters will all add to the overall look and make your garden a wonderful work of art to admire and enjoy

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