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Garden containerscontainer garden can be a quirky and helpful way of producing fruit and veges when there is not a lot of space at your place.

After your strawberry plant is established and bearing fruit, it should start producing 'runners' (as shown in the picture).

Unfortunately while we may be producing more plants, these runners suck the life out of the main strawberry plant, taking all of its nutrients, causing the main plant to produce small fruit.

It is not hard to see these little runners, so it is wise to remove them by clipping them off the main plant.

Of course the little runners may be used to grow more strawberry plants if planted on their own, and repeat the issue with any you get to strike.

Simple And Creative Ways To Kitchen Garden

At present I am growing my strawberries in pots, hanging from the fence, up off the ground from slugs etc and getting a good crop, while our neighbor has a piece of house guttering hanging on his fence with ripe strawberries hanging over the edge. 

To boost your plants growth add some seaweed extract to a can of water occasionally.  

You may have your own garden accessories ideasgarden accessories ideas and pieces of stuff lying around or in the shed whereby you too can make a few strawberry containers.

These beautiful little pieces of fruit can be grown in many and various ways, depending on your garden or balcony space.

So the best plan is to get planting and have some fun with gardening decor creative garden products and reap the rewards with your own luscious strawberries. Yum.  

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