Why Not Have A Vegetable Garden In Your Own Kitchen?

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When you were a child did you ever chop the top off a carrot or parsnip, stand it in a saucer of water, sometimes on cotton wool and watch the fronds come to life. Of course it was thrown out after – 1 someone forgot to add more water – 2 the thing started to rot – 3 we just got a bit over it.

However, did you know that there are vegetables that you lug home in the shopping that can be brought to life and used again. Sounds crazy, well not so, lookie here at a couple of ideas.

CELERY:- This is possibly one of the easiest outdoor garden vegetables to regrow, so all you need is a small bowl, warm water and the base of the celery.

Put the base of the celery in the bowl and cover it with warm water, place on a window ledge in the sun or in a sunny sheltered spot. The more sunlight it gets the faster it will grow. Eventually the leaves will start to thicken and the celery to turn green again. About now you will be able to start using the leaves and continue the process.

LETTUCE:- Any weight loss diet uses lettuce in just about any meal, whether in an array of salads, a soup or just to chew on when hunger strikes.

Once again these modern garden products are used in a similar way to hydroponic gardening, by using a few of the lettuce leaves.

Submerse the bottom part of the leaf in water in direct sunlight, misting them a few times during the day if possible and after a few days roots should appear at the base of the leaves, leaving you to plant them out into pots or into the garden with all of the garden supplies to continue growing. 

If you are able to keep the growing lettuce indoors it is convenient to just take off the leaves as they are needed instead of having a whole one in the fridge which sometimes goes mushy if not used soon enough.

ONIONS:- Another idea is to try regrowing onions. How many times do we use these beautiful smelly creatures. Every day usually and so we should as they are so good for you, but you know that already!

Cut about half an inch off the bottom of the onion, place it in water as with the other vegetables and see the roots come to life. Change water frequently if needed until time to plant into some soil.

GARLIC:- This is one of my favorite things to use in cooking. Try to buy local grown garlic and not imported which has been washed in who knows what.

If you have a nice head of garlic and especially if there is one little critter starting to sprout, put it into a pot or the garden and grow your own. When they are new you can eat them out of the garden, so yummy.

MUSHROOMS:- This is a more challenging one as you need humidity, rich soil and a dark spot.

Creative garden products can be found at hydroponic stores and they will have your needs if you are dedicated enough to tackle this feat.

Use the head of the mushroom for eating and put the stalk into the soil, leaving the top exposed to the air. Lots of humidity and keep checking to see a new head appear.

We would love to hear back if anyone tries any of these ideas and has success. It is fun trying something new.

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