Portable Pet Carrier Bag For Cat Or Dog - Breathable Small Pet Handbag

  • $22.95

Small $22.95     Medium $24.95     Large $27.95

Cat or Dog Carrier Handbag

How convenient to carry your little friend with you in one of these delightful pet carrier bags. These pet carry handbags are very comfortable for pet dogs or cats with breathing panels. Available in three sizes and four colors and made from strong polyester to last!

  • Perfect, safe and comfortable for your little furry mate!
  • Take your pet anywhere you go!
  • Four Colors- GREEN, BLUE, PINK, PURPLE
  • Features: Breathable polyester, adjustable, foldable
  • 3 Sizes       Length x Width x Height   
  • Small              43x20x29cm     (17" x 8" x 12" )             
  • Medium          47x24.5x33cm  (18" x 10" x 13")           
  • Large             52x24.5x33cm   (20" x 10" x 13")

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