Vertical Garden Planter

  • $44.95

Living Wall Planter!


Have you dreamed of how wonderful it would be to grow your own herbs, ferns or little plants indoors in a green wall?

Well here is a fabulous way to achieve just that by growing in the pockets of a wall planter and creating a living wall.

A two-chamber design allows for strong roots to grow while maintaining moisture levels  and the excess water will automatically drain through the felt material 

The woven reinforcing straps and loops makes it easy to hang from any location either indoors or outside to create a feature wall in your home or garden 

As the strong and plant-friendly-quality felt material is made from recycled PET plastic bottles it's environmentally-friendly and non-toxic, giving you 64 pockets to grow a variety of plants  

Soft-sided, breathable and modular you can use multiple planters for a larger installation and it is easy to use for indoor gardening, meaning no complex hydroponics or container-stacking 

Lightweight and simple to hang with just hooks and screws, which are not included

This little baby is perfect for creating a bright feature wall or vertical herb garden, so don't delay any longer!

  • Material: Felt  
  • Characteristics: Corrosion resistance, durable, breathable, water absorption  
  •  Wall-mounted - Black 
  • Application: Family garden, balcony garden, home decoration, greening projects, garden nursery production  
    Dimension: Width & Height  39" x 39"   -   100cm x 100cm (Approx.)


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