Socks With Dog Designs

  • $12.95

Fun Socks In Your Favorite Dog Designs

$12.95 Pair

Six breeds of dog are reflected here, the little badger dog - dachshund - sausage dog, or as named here, Teckel, the Beagle which is another wonderful hound, the beautiful big Husky, the cute little Pomeranian, as well as the Poodle who are such happy bouncy pets, coming in 3 sizes, standard, miniature and toy, also having a variety of colored coats, and then the magnificent Collie which played a starring role in movies years ago. Who would forget 'Lassie', who was really a female dog.

  • Foot(CM): 22 - 27
  • EURO Size: 36 - 42
  • US Size: 6 - 11
  • UK Size: 4 - 9
  • Socks are elastic, one size fits all.

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