Flameless Uneven Edge LED Candle Or Night Light

  • $10.95

Fickering Pillar Shaped Candles

$10.95      $11.95     $13.50      $14.95     $16.50 

Who does not like seeing the beautiful flicker of a candle, on the table at dinner, creating a romantic setting in your bedroom or just making the lounge look warm and cozy while creating a sense of relaxation?

As there is no fire, or mess, no wax spill there is no danger around kids or animals or any danger of creating a house fire, which is a huge bonus with these battery operated candles.

5 sizes to choose from or purchase on of each to make a wonderful display!

  • Diameter  5cm
  • Height  2" -  5cm,  3" - 7.5cm,  4" - 10cm,  5" - 12cm,  6" - 15cm
  • Battery not included
  • LED color is a warm white
  • On and off switch


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